Behringer V-VERB PRO REV2496
Behringer V-VERB PRO REV2496

V-VERB PRO REV2496, Reverberación from Behringer.

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webstersays 18/08/2008

Behringer V-VERB PRO REV2496 : la opinión de webstersays (content in English)


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This is a rack mounted digital reverb processor. It is digital and solid state electronics. You can edit all kinds of parameters, so there is a lot of flexibility in this prodect. There are just standard audio connections for this, so it operates in the analog realm though it is a digital processor. It is rackable, it takes up one space.


It is not hard at all to set up, you pretty much just screw it in to your rack, plug in a few cables and you're ready to go. Now editing the effects is a different story. This isn't just a reverb, it can also provide you with compression, chorus, flanging, and other stranger types of effects. The downside to having one box with limited controls do so many things is that it can get a little bit confusing. You are definitely best off just spending a while experimenting with this, and figuring out what it does. The manual is short and does not explain the functions very well, so you are kind of on your own in terms of utilisation.


The reverbs are fair. They compare pretty well with reverbs from many 15 years ago, but today there are much higher quality reverbs out there. They tend to sound a little grainy and over-processed. Really, they just sound a little too fake. The compressor is quite transparent and works okay, and the other effects such as the chorus and flanger are all functional but certainly not noteworthy. I have used this mostly for the reverbs for vocals, but I have also used it for guitar effects like the chorus and flanger. Overall the sound quality is just about fair.


I have had this for nearly 2 years now I believe. I like the amount that you can do with it, it's definitely more than it really advertises. Also the value here is huge at less than $100. I don't like how confusing it can be to edit the settings on the effects. Also the sound quality is not really that impressive, though it does serve my purpose okay. I have tried a bunch of other reverbs, and this one is not outstanding. The price definitely makes it very attractive for someone with a small budget though. I probably wouldn't get it again since I have a different reverb now.