Yamaha REV100
Yamaha REV100

REV100, Reverberación from Yamaha.

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prysm 07/04/2008

Yamaha REV100 : la opinión de prysm (content in English)


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Reverbs, delays, echos, chorus, flange and combos of all. 99 presets that are all adjustable by 2 knobs on front panel, plus you can get at more parameters by pushing a few buttons and can save if you want.Or use the midi interface. 16 bit A/D D/A processor with 44.1 kHZ sampling rate. Stereo in & out via 1/4" , single rack space, external power transformer.


I mainly use this for reverb, which it does well. The 2 knobs & 1 button on front give me quick access to programs , predelay & decay. The other controls knobs are input level, mix,output level. I'm not a big fan of having to read a 100 page instruction book to navigate the control of some units I've seen. I have the manual, I flipped though it once. Not really needed unless you want to use the midi controls.


Like I said before I only have really used the reverbs. I use this on my home stereo system to give the music more life. The reverbs are good for the price of this unit. It's not a high end Lexicon sound but does the job very well. I can't see myself ever selling it for any reason.


I've had this about 3 years without any problems, bought it used. It's got good reverbs & easy to use controls. I have a few other reverbs, an Alesis microverb 3 & a Lexicon Alex. This one I think is better than the Alesis , but not as good as the Lexicon. For the price the sound is very good. Unless you step up to something in the $600 & up range this one does just fine. Yamaha makes good stuff, never had problems with any of their products. You turn them on and they work.