Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X)
Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X)

Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X), Scaner from Geni.

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DJKnightfever 10/10/2013

Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X) : la opinión de DJKnightfever (content in English)

"Unbeatable for the price"

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These lights do the job well for the price they are unbeatable I have had 8 of them for roughly 14 I can't remember the exact date I baught them, but I know I have done well over 1000 gigs with them over the years and have only ever had to replace the ocassional bulb they are still running purfectly.