Dblue Glitch [Freeware]
Dblue Glitch [Freeware]

Glitch [Freeware], Secuenciador de multiefectos from Dblue.

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johnrae 22/06/2012

Dblue Glitch [Freeware] : la opinión de johnrae (content in English)

"So Cool!!!"

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Illformed's Glitch vst is an extremely tweakable vst plugin effect which lets you effect your music in ways ranging from quiet glitches to over the top madnes. The core of Glitch is it's sequencer, which syncs to the host tempo and slices the incoming audio up as you ask it to, applying a random selection of cool different effects to each slice. The onboard effects are a Tape Stop, a Modulator, a Retrigger, a Shuffler, a Reverser, a Crusher, a Gater, a Delay, and a Stretcher. You an individually tweak each effect and then program into the sequencer when the effect is applied, or let the sequencer do it for you at random.


The software is easy to install, just drag and drop the windows VST .dll file into your chosen DAW and fire it up. It runs smoothly with no performance issues, even with larger audio files. It has yet to crash my computer or anything of that sort. It's rather easy to use once you get the hang of it and can easily produce some AWESOME effects. It's a great free alternative to plugins like SugarBytes Effectrix, and definitely lives up to the standard. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to add an odd touch to some of their tracks.


Altogether, this is a really, really cool plugin that I plan on keeping around for the long haul. I would love to see a feature implemented where you could have slots for your own effects, and I'm sure the program will grow in the future. It's well worth the download, so if you need something to add a little spark to your tracks, this is it. Maybe you won't use it on EVERY track, but if you listen hard I'm sure you could find ways to apply it to nearly everything. Overall this is one of my favorite effects, and I highly recommend it.