Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 5
Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 5

Fruity Loops Studio 5, Secuenciador Electrónico from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 5 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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For the price you get some pretty nice features that other sequencers in the price range don't offer. I like the "Start On Input" feature. This is a really helpful feature when recording your MIDI sequences. Basically FL doesn't start recording until you press a key on your MIDI controller or keyboard. The effects in FL are pretty good. The compressor is pretty tight and sounds alright. Nothing to brag about but it gets the job done. The Reverb in FL sucks in my opinion. It sounds too digital to me and there's nothing I hate more than robotic reverb. I suggest getting some effects plugins to use with FL.

Price paid


Come on now... If you can't make a simple drumloop from the instant you start FL up then you probably shouldn't be making beats. It's pretty much all in front of you. There really is no learning curve. I remember when I first got my EPS-16 it took me a month before I even made a beat but with FL I was up & going in no time.


I think FL has a pretty thin sound compared to other sequencers but with some mixing and various tricks you can make your thin FL beat sound like a thick SP beat. The presets are straight wack and I don't think anybody who buys it should even think about f*cking with them. Sample your own drums and buy some VSTs!

Haven't had much bugs or anything yet so I'm assuming it's pretty nice.


It's cool and all but I think I'll stick to my EPS from now on. I just copped FL to get a little taste of this whole digital world I've been hearing so much about. FL's a great program no doubt but nothing beats hardware in my opinion.

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