PropellerHead Reason 3.0
PropellerHead Reason 3.0

Reason 3.0, Secuenciador Electrónico from PropellerHead in the Reason series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

PropellerHead Reason 3.0 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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I really liked reason at first, I thought it was amazing as i was switching from FL Studio to Reason, the intial jump in quality was pretty astonding. After about 1 1/2-2 years of using the program, however, i am wishing it had vsti support and/or audio recording, and more synths and/or effects. The cable routing however helps to remedy this (with the combinator you can practically piece together new instruments). The sound library it comes with is pretty good and has a good variety but i wouldn't say the quality is spectacular. If you like using samples you will probably love reason, but if you like programming more of your sounds, with only 2 different synths to chose from (and the malstrom sounds pretty poor) you will feel pretty limited in what you can do.

Price paid

450$ usd

If you are familar with other sequencer programs its pretty easy to learn. The routing is pretty straightforward and doesn't take long to get the hang of it. Its a bit daunting at first since there is a lot it can do but if you read the manual or tutorials it makes a lot of sense quickly. The sequencer is a bit quirky though and I feel like my work doesn't go as smoothly as it did with fruity- a big dissapointment as it really affects the quality of the pieces i do or the amount that never get finished.


Sound quality is good. Its very easy to make your tracks thump via the scream 4 and the new mastering suite, which really brings the volume up a couple notches and makes your tracks sound tight.

Never really have had a problem with it. Its definately stable, and it doesn't use much cpu power. It does what its supposed to do flawlessly.


I'm really starting to dislike reason as I feel pretty limited to what i can do. It's a little awkward to work with and my songs really show the discomfort. No matter what kind of sound im after im always using the same set ups. Rewiring is an option but it leads to compatibility issues, more cpu use, crashes etc- if you like using patches/presets, and/or samples, you will probably love reason if you are considering buying it. If you are like me and like making your own sounds on some of the incredible vsti softsynths out there, you probably won't. Lots of potential, but it leaves out some huge features.

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