PropellerHead Reason 4
PropellerHead Reason 4

Reason 4, Secuenciador Electrónico from PropellerHead in the Reason series.

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JayDMusic 20/07/2010

PropellerHead Reason 4 : la opinión de JayDMusic (content in English)


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Where do I start. Well, the unpacking was harmless and it was easy to install. You have a registration card sent with it that is important to keep at all times for the unexpected hard drive failure. Config was fine and it automatically picked up my MM6, Keystation, MPD24 and Firewire Mixer. It was easy as can be to get started. The typical functions are all present, and the settings are extremely simple to adjust, with all settings being in one settings window instead of many different settings scattered around.


My configuration of a Firewire mixer which could stand in for a card or interface, anything that can be plugged into the computer using a USB or Firewire cord, was seamless into Reason. Any MIDI controller I've used works, and I've yet to have any problems. If it detects a problem with your config, it'll tell you so with a big red X. If it's all good, then it'll display a big green check. Anything that failed during production and plugged back in didn't require a restart of Reason like FL Studio or Cubase. I've been using this configuration with the exception of the Firewire mixer being swapped for an X2u since I got it.


What I like most is the quality of the sounds. They sound fantastic, and you can find packs in the Sound Bank that suit any need. Thor is also a great addition, something that wasn't present in Reason 3. I also like the combinators, which provide for easy mixing and easy packaging of otherwise complex setups and instruments. What I don't like about Reason is the lack of VST or VSTi compatibility. This is really annoying, as you have to use stock Reason mixers, delays, reverbs, compressors, and so on. This is a huge limiting factor, but it's understandable that PropellerHead wants people to buy their add-ons, ones which are the only add-ons compatible with Reason, called ReFills. After using it for two years, I would still buy Reason. It's a great, intuitive program, and I wouldn't have it any other way.