Avid Pro Tools 10
Avid Pro Tools 10

Pro Tools 10, Secuenciador from Avid in the Pro Tools series.

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loudfunk 31/01/2012

Avid Pro Tools 10 : la opinión de loudfunk (content in English)

"Nice update"

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Avid finally went to downloads only for Pro Tools 10. Which is much preferable for me than waiting for a boxed package to arrive. Buy download, install, work! I like it.
Install and dongle update went without any issue.
For an Avid product the manual is actually comprehensive and easily enough digested.
The new features on Pro Tools 10 is what made me jump on an early version and it runs fairly stable to my surprise.
The stand outs for me are that Audio Suite plug-ins know can be frozen. I rather would've had track freeze but I will settle for this for now.
Also object based volume automation ala Samplitude/Sequoia. Which for some one like me that has spent many years in Smaplitude/Sequoia is a must. Unfortunately you need the Complete Production Tool Kit or HD system to convert object based automation into volume curves. Oh well...I don't think I want to spent another 2000 for that.
The other thing I'm missing that's part of the tool pack is that you can customize your system cache and various other settings for performance improvements.


It works as advertised. Still has some of the Avid/Digi Design oddball concepts I will never understand.
Like that short cuts aren't user definable. And worse what about commands that don't have short cuts. I will never understand that.
Finally Avid stopped claiming that none needs or wants the ability to record at 32 bit float. Guess after years of Steinberg doing it finally it was acceptable.
WHich raises a bit of an issue with backwards compatibility. But Avid actually took care of it. The file extensions are no longer .ptf they are now .ptx. And if you have a project that has 32 bit files you want to open in a prior version of Protools you need to save it as "earlier version Protools 7-9" where it converts those to 24 bit files.


I work in it, there is room for improvement. The 299 upgrade is IMO too high it should be 199.- but it is a necessary evil.