Akai MPC4000
Akai MPC4000

MPC4000, Secuenciador Sampler from Akai in the MPC series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Akai MPC4000 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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After being an MPC 2000 user for so long, i'm wondering how i ever worked that way. The features on this machine will definitely open any producer's mind to a new way of thinking. It's not like any other MPC and the way that it works clearly proves it. The "AkSys" program that links your computer to your MPC via USB is incredible. This program comes with the 4000 and it opens your MPC's hard drive in a really cool but simple interface... on your computer. You can choose to edit samples with a Sample Editor, create Programs, organize Keygroups and set effects parameters. It's not like the 1000 or the 2500 where your hard drive shows up like a digital camera or smart media card on your desktop... this is immediate interaction with your MPC on your computer. That's just ONE cool feature...

Price paid

$2,700 USD


As anything that would cost this much, there's definitely a learning curve. But you've got all the forum resources in the world to get you up and running in no time... it's no excuse to not own this. Oh, and you can transfer all of your previous MPC songs and sounds to this machine effortlessly... your hard work will continue and excel to new heights.

Never had to get it repaired, i've added the expansions and extra memory as well. This machine has functioned perfectly ever since i got it last year. It's built like a tank and it's not something you'd wanna lug around with you everywhere. Leave it in your studio and get busy...


Sound quaility is perfect. The machine doesn't color the sound you put into it and using the internal EQ can definitely improve what sound you put out of it.


If something ever happened to my 4000, i'd bust my ass to save the money and buy it again twice. I can't even look at another MPC after using this one. Everytime i sit down in front of it, i feel like all of my years in equipment training are finally being challenged. I come from the days of the Akai s950... seeing the MPC technology come this far is the greatest experience i've felt next to recording good songs. The most experienced 2000/XL user who claims to know everything there is about an MPC, doesn't know anything until they've worked on one of these. People who've made the switch KNOW what i'm talking about. The 2500 is an update, this is an UPGRADE.

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Posted by: Kid Captain Coolout (January 2-, 2005)