Akai MPC1000 Black
Akai MPC1000 Black

MPC1000 Black, Secuenciador Sampler from Akai belonging to the MPC1000 model.

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AlanForPresident 04/06/2012

Akai MPC1000 Black : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"i will always use the mpc"

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The MPC 1000 black, is a midi production studio. When I was first unboxing I was surprised by the quality of it. Since its only 900 and something dollars I didn’t think It was going to be as solid as it was. I figured the 5000 and 4000 are that solid because they cost a lot more. So the MPC 1000 really surprised me with the durability of it.


Setting it up took no effort at all, the manual is a pretty thick book though and I guess that it has to be because there are just so many things that you can do on the mpc its ridiculous.


Sounds are great, especially for the type of music that I make. It puts out a real dirty drum sound that I love and I don’t think any other machine or software that I have every used can put out a gritty sound like a mpc can. You can set the sensitivity on the pads the way you want them. They are all touch sensitive so when you are sequencing it can have more of a live feel too it sense it will all be based on how hard you hit the pads. It wont sound like a robot , unless you want it too and in that case you can turn of the pads sensitivity option and just make it all the same volumn.


I love the MPC 1000, I plan on getting the newest version of the mpc really soon. You can even trade in our old mpc to upgrade at the music store and the great thing is that the mpc 1000 doesn’t lose its value like a lot of other gear does. Most producers and beat makers still want to have the mpc no matter how old they are. it’s a really good investment. The mpc 1000 has really helped me develop my sampling ability. Only bad thing is when I try to chop a large or long song. Like a 5 min sample, sometimes it will freeze on me, or if it doesn’t freeze it will take a very long time to chop it.