Roland MV-8000
Roland MV-8000

MV-8000, Secuenciador Sampler from Roland in the MV series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland MV-8000 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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-96 khz of sampling. -More Drum Kits.

Price paid



Very after you spend time. Nothin beats time invested you'll learn without knowing.

It has a real great design.


The sound quality on this machine is great. The features is off the hook; sampling, making beats, its like pro tools in a box for beats. crisp sound, intense editing features, u can edit each sound on the pads individually; volume, LFO, Amplifier and much more for the quick edit feature. Mastering tool kit, Pix jam. It is truly a piece of machinery for you if your trying to create a different sound, especially if your on a decent budget. This machine obtained the Remix Award. An optional card can be installed MV8-OP1, this adds 6 analog outputs Speakers etc., digital and coxial inputs and an R-Bus connectors, those are just to connect to other devices, digital recorders etc. You can also add the MV8-VGA; this allows you to connect a screen and mouse to use it like an station, it doesn't just operate it uses a software, 3.0 is the latest version. This includes pattern and sequence mode, drum grid editor for all you fruity loops users; the drum grid editor makes those hard drum parts easier and you can change the velocity on every note easy as hell. With MPC you always have to switch pages. It allows you to make finished beats and songs. The downfall of this is you can't connect a condenser mic but you can record on a workstation and transfer vocals and master them and create finished songs. This piece of machine is living up to 'Production Studio'. but i cant make you buy it, in this business you can't just buy things because of wut you heard. The MPC has always been raw though, its that hardcore drummin'. I plan to get the 4000 next year. The MV-8000 is new in the game, you'll hear producers like us in the street talkin bout the MPC, thats wut everbody know about, I be killin niggas with this even producers who been doin it longer than me (grown men) they cant believe i'm so knowledgable. You have to do research and find wuts comfortable fo you. It still needs more time to develop, but when they do, u can get the free updates.


I wouldn't change it Its an MPC and a half.

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Posted by: Rudeboy_407 ( 7-, 2005)