Roland MC-808
Roland MC-808

MC-808, Secuenciador Sampler from Roland in the MC series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 26/03/2012

Roland MC-808 : la opinión de theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"its not for me"

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The Roland MC 808 is a groove box that was created about 6 or so years ago. This groove box never really had a chance to reach its full potential in my opinion. it’s a great piece of equipment be was over looked because of all the other drum machines on that market that are so powerful. The Roland MC 808 can take up to 512 MB similar to an MPC. I supports a flash card memory as well. Has all of the functions like the chopping, auto chopping sampling as well as full patch editing.


Pretty easy to understand but I did have to pick up the manual just to get some of the basics down because I have never used one of these before when I was at a friends house. Me being and MPC user, this didn’t work for me. Sorry to say, but it will give you NO satisfaction if you use an MPC. I just couldn’t get in my groove with this groove box (no pun intended) . It cost about 1200 dollars brand new when it came, that was around the same time the MPC 1000 came out for 200 dollars cheaper. I just cant see why anyone would choose this over the MPC.


Sounds good, doesn’t provide that gritty sound that I love but it does exactly what someone would want it to do, load up your kits or samples and start creating songs. Not really sure about the song mode on this, I didn’t get that far because I got frustrated with its basic features not being able to compete with the MPC.


Overall, I say it’s a great piece of gear. But if you are coming from an MPC don’t get this. If you have this or want to get this now that’s fine you will love it. But once you get your hands on a MPC this thing will no longer matter!