Roland MC-808
Roland MC-808

MC-808, Secuenciador Sampler from Roland in the MC series.

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AlanForPresident 09/05/2012

Roland MC-808 : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"roland sounds"

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The roland MC 808 is a device that I had a chance to use a few times before when I was searching for the right sampling sequencer for me. After using it for about an hour or so, I must say that it was pretty good. It seems to have the capabilities of almost any other sampler that is out. Its pretty big and it has a lot of knobs and sliders at first glance, but after you open the manual and start to understand the boards interface it will all kind of make since. So after you figure a few things out you will be up and running right away, plus it was made by Roland and they always bring quality products to the tables though this is one of the first samplers I have used by them mostly just the keyboards I have seen from Roland.


Like I said with the quick start guide, it will get you going in the right direction pretty quick. Its easy to understand and is right to the point. But just navigating through menus and to get the specific stuff you are looking for can be a hassle with so many knobs, buttons and submenus. it’s a pretty complex machine. Its hard to compare it to the MPC though because the MPC is known for its pads and layering of drums. The nice big square pads just don’t exist on the Roland MC 808. Which is pretty much a deal breaker if you ask me because sampling and chopping on pads is a huge part of my creative and musical process.


One of the good functions that it does have is the auto fader functions which took me a while to figure out how to get them to fade automatically for a while so I had to pick up the manual for that. The sounds a pretty good though just like most sounds that Roland produces.


Overall, it’s a very good sampler and im not surprised that so many people like it. Its more of an all in one sampler though and can be pretty dependent and doesn’t need to be synced with a computer for you to really finish a project which I like.