Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox
Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox

MC-909 Sampling Groovebox, Secuenciador Sampler from Roland in the MC series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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You couldn't ask for more (maybe keys), there are tons of features, fx, and the sampler is pretty good if i must say so... tweaking your own sounds and the ability of mastering your tracks is good, so when you go to a studio to track out beats there is not much sound editing to do which saves time.



Very easy i have let other producers walk in and in minutes where creating quality tracks.

I have had mine for almost a year and have not had any type of malfunctions, so i have to say that it is pretty good.


There are tons of synths on that when tweaked are one of a kind.. There are also good effects, and most of the percussion patches aren't bad. When it comes to guitars and quality strings you might want to find another machine, overall I have made amazing music and when other owners hear it, they question if i used samples.


I love this machine what i lack in insturments i make up for with another machine or a downloaded patch but this is the center piece for all of my production.

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Posted by: sasson ( 8-, 2005)