Audio Ease Speakerphone
Audio Ease Speakerphone

Speakerphone, Simulación de Amplificador Software from Audio Ease.

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Marshall92 31/10/2008

Audio Ease Speakerphone : la opinión de Marshall92 (content in English)


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Speakerphone is amazing. It instaled without any problems, and i had no compatability issues. The steup is a breeze, takes about 10 minutes to do. I bought my copy off of a friend, and he had lost the manual so i never got one, but even without one i was able to figure out how to work Speakerphone without a problem.


I use a cheap Dll PC running Windows XP and have never had a problem. Everythign has worked perfectly to date.


I love this plugin! I have been using it for about 2 months and can't get enough of it. Speakerphone is one of the best things you can spend money on. Basically, Speakerphone is a plugin that emulates all types of speakers and the environments they are located in. There are hundreds of them in the plugin, whether you want your vocal to come out of a car stereo or a toy robot in a bathroom, Speakerphone has got you covered. But that’s just the beginning; Speakerphone can be used to create real life environments, such as a subway station in Germany, or a busy restaurant thanks to the sample bay at the bottom of the plugin screen. I have used this feature many a time to add ambience and character to my music. There are really no downfalls about this plugin, other than possibly the price because it retails around $500, but trust me it’s worth it, once you own this plugin you will find so many places to use it, you will have to stop yourself from overdoing it. Another great thing about Speakerphone is that everything within the plugin is recordable, meaning you can turn effects on and off within a recording whenever you want. Personally, I love turning the distortion on just a little bit to add some flare to the presets, which are awesome by the way. You can customize anything you want, choosing the speaker, environment (rooms, outside, subway station, arena) and by playing with the effects and sample bay. However, you rarely have a need to do that thanks to the hundreds of amazing presets included. Speakerphone has every kind of speaker, this includes vintage guitar amps for all you shredders. How does a classic amp played in a auditorium sound? Buy Speakerphone and find out. It is one of the best investments you can make, but it today and see how it effects your music.