db Audioware Flying Haggis
db Audioware Flying Haggis

Flying Haggis, Simulación de Amplificador Software from db Audioware.

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stompboxjon 12/02/2013

db Audioware Flying Haggis : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"Unique and inexpensive"

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Flying Haggis is a virtual guitar amp that I recently purchased for around 30 dollars. That was probably the only reason that I purchased it, because if it had been much more I would not have been interested because of all of the amps that I already own. But at this price I had to give it a shot! This amp sounds great for this price! It works with just about any DAW or software that is on the market and it takes up little CPU. The interface is very easy to work with and user friendly but it is not that easy on the eye. The graphics of the interface are very boring and dull.


Installing it took no time at all and it can run as a VST/AU plug in as well as a stand alone. You can download this as a demo first to know how it will work and it if is something that you will want to invest in. But I guarantee that after hearing it you will purchase it for this price. It is also easy to use the MIDI learn function to sync up the knobs with external controllers. Not all amps allow this so it was great that an amp plug in that cost this amount will let that option work. This amp is also good for live use as well because of the low latency, it is very responsive.


The sound of the Flying Haggis is very unique, normal when amps (plug ins) don’t cost a lot it is usually because they are a cookie cutter style amp meaning they sound very similar to a lot of other amps that have already been made. That is not the case with the Flying Haggis. It has a unique, clean sound with amazing tones that any producer or guitarist (live) would love to use.