Line 6 POD Farm
Line 6 POD Farm

POD Farm, Simulación de Amplificador Software from Line 6 in the POD Farm series.

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La opinión de JeffTadashi (content in English)"A priceless creative and recording tool!"

Line 6 POD Farm
Line 6 Pod Farm is the direct successor to Line 6's Gearbox software, and although functionally, it is very similar to Gearbox, the layout and aesthetics have been much improved in Pod Farm. Pod Farm includes over 15 guitar amplifier emulations, over 20 guitar cabs, 5 bass amps and cabs, over 20 stomp box and studio effects, and 5 microphone preamps. What is new here is the ability to run two amplifiers at once, which allows for some deep creative possibilities. There are also many more guitar amps, bass amps, and effects that can be purchased in addition to the basic package.


One great thing about Line 6 software, is that it runs almost flawlessly on Windows systems. With the supported Line 6 hardware (which is necessary to run Pod Farm), the hardware processes the sound directly, allowing for zero latency monitoring. This, thankfully, bypasses the main problem with most PC systems..latency. This way, when you play your guitar lines, there is no noticeable delay, and even the smallest delay can be very noticeable.

Line 6 has some of the best guitar emulations available, and Pod Farm is no exception. Although the sound will always sound digital and synthesized when the distortions are turned up, and it's compared directly to the real thing, the convenience of being able to play through an amped guitar system, at anytime, anywhere, is invaluable. You can quickly record scratch tracks and guitar lick ideas, and the emulations sound very good for any sounds with low distortion. In fact, I prefer Line 6 emulations for clean guitar over the real clean channels on my Mesa amplifiers, especially for super clean guitar lines.


Overall, the Line 6 Pod Farm is a solid product, and although many guitarists still may not be on board with digital emulations, no one can deny the versatility and flexibility this tool can bring to any recording artist's table.