Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition

Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition, Simulación de Amplificador Software from Native Instruments in the Guitar Rig series.

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DJ Henny 28/01/2011

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition : la opinión de DJ Henny (content in English)

"Effect that does more than it says on the tin."

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This effect has worked fine in every DAW I have ever used, including FL Studio, Ableton Live and Cubase 5. It is extremely simple to install as usual with VST's, and is easy to function through the mixer. The GUI of the effect is very simple too as the presets come in categories that are easily recognisable including real life song presets. These are some of the best lifelike guitar effects I have ever heard from software and sound very good on other instruments such as drums. There is even a drum section for the effects.


This program works extremely well, however the performance can be a turn off for anyone with a slow computer. I had problems running this on my Pentium 1.8ghz processor, however it ran like a dream on my Core 2 Quad 2.5GHZ. Multiple instances of this effect on a slower computer will cause extreme slowdown in the DAW and maybe even crash. I have had crashes a few times even on my faster computer because of the complexity readily available from the presets in this program. I have been using it for around a year now.


I do love this effect though, it allows much more than just a guitar effect. You can use the presets on normal instruments and still have a nice sounding gritty effect. The delay and reverb effects from this too are extremely nice sounding and can fit right in place with most instruments. I love the presets that come with it that come straight from real industry songs and offer instant emulation of the guitars from famous songs. Knowing what I do now i would DEFINATELY purchase this VST, as there is lots of songs that I have made that depend on it! I love the gritty sound that it delivers on instruments and even drums and wouldn't consider ever losing it.