Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]

Guitar Suite [Freeware], Simulación de Amplificador Software from Simulanalog.

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stompboxjon 13/02/2013

Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware] : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"I cannot believe this is free!!"

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The SimulAnalog Guitar Suite comes with 7 different amps, the Boss DS-1 which is a distortion module, and the Boss SD-1 which is an overdrive stompbox are two of the ones that I use the most out of this bundle. There is also a Tube Screamer, Oberheim PS-1, Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb, Fender Twin 1969 and a Univox Univibe Modulation Stompbox. All of the 7 different amps are very good and run very smoothly but a few of them eat up more CPU in my projects than other ones do. But the best part about this bundle is that it is free! You can download these 7 amps right away and it will only take a few minutes before you will be using them right in your DAW.


Installing the SimulAnalog Guitar Suite was quick and easy, it takes no effort at all to get them installed and they do not take much hard disk space either. They will work in just about any DAW or production program that accepts plug ins and it is well worth the download! I use them mostly in Cubase and they run smoothly and have never crashed though I never really use the Oberheim PS-1 or the Univox Univibe that much. There are even extra presets that you can download online for Cubase SX Banks/Channel Presets for free.


The sounds of these amps are pretty different; I have not heard much of any of them before except for the Univox Univibe Modulation Stompbox. I am able to get pretty much those same sounds out of one of my Guitar Rig presets so I really do not use that one at all. I think I have only used it once and when I heard it I knew that Guitar Rig gave me the same sound. Being that these are all free, makes this a must have download and I highly recommend it. If you have not downloaded it yet, you do not know what you are missing out on!