Image Line Sytrus
Image Line Sytrus

Sytrus, Sinte híbrido virtual from Image Line.

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BadApple 22/03/2011

Image Line Sytrus : la opinión de BadApple (content in English)

"Pretty nice vst"

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With image lines sytrus it was a very easy installation, basically since it comes with any set up of fl studio when you have installed fl studio it will be in the vst folder for you to start using. It is a great plug in and very easy to work with once you know what you are doing, which is the case for most vsts in my opinion.
There was no compatibility issues at all with this vst as it should be since it came with fl studio which works fine on my computer.
There was no manual with this vst but it is very easy to start using straight away.


With sytrus the performance is great, so great in fact that I think I could manage to run about more than 100 of these at one time without any lag or crackling noises at all.
It works fine with my configuration of 4gb ram and 1.8GHz processing power.
I have been using this vst for a long time now, probably the same amount of time that I have been using fl studio which is about just over a year I think. It has some great features on this vst.


Overall with sytrus I think it is a great vst for free, basically free anyway.
Since it comes with fl studio I can not complain at all which its vast amount of great presets that you can tweak with a number of different filters and lfos make this a great vst.
Since it comes with fl studio I can not comment on value for price but I would not pay for this vst if it did not come with fl studio if that helps any one out. What I mean is that I would not buy a standalone version of this vst since I do not think it is good enough to buy on its own but since it is packaged with fl studio I can not complain at all.
I have a large range of vsts and this sytrus' preset library definitely shines out from the rest for presets but I am not a huge fan of using presets so in that aspect it does not get used as much as I think it should.
I do not use it as much any more but I am still glad to have it in my arsenal of production weapons.