Rob Papen Predator
Rob Papen Predator

Predator, Sinte híbrido virtual from Rob Papen.

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songboy 26/02/2010

Rob Papen Predator : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I run this on a macbook and there were no compatibility issues whatsoever. The manual is fairly helpful but in all honesty I haven't needed it much. One thing I should mention is it seems to be written in a different language and then translated. Either that or the writer has horrible grammar issues, making it somewhat hard to read at times. Then configuration and setup is pretty simple, especially if you are familiar with the setup of a traditional synth (vco, lfo, effects, etc...). I have to say at first the synth was a little hard to get used to only because everything is so flashy looking. I like GUI interfaces a lot but sometimes there fonts, colors and overall structure can be a little convoluted. After an hour or so though I was very comfortable using it. The typical functions all appear on the front so they are very accessible. It did take me a minute to find the "Arp" feature. Its a small little text area near the middle/lower left that you click on, but its a little to small for my taste, but once you find it, you'll be fine.


The software works perfectly in both Logic 9 and Abelton 8. So far all of my user presets have remained, every time I come back to the synth, its right where I left it and it has never crashed. As for performance, this baby gets a huge 10. It works very well inside my DAW's and responds flawlessly to all midi controls. I have been using this one for about 5 months.


What I like most about this synth is the same thing I love about all rob papen synths, the amazing sound. This thing has a lot of beefy sounds and they are all nice and warm. If you write dance/electronica, this is a must have in your arsenal. What I don't like about this synth is at first its a little confusing in its general format. Other than that this thing is a real gem. I paid around $200 for this synth and I think overall it was a really good investment. The sound quality is amazing especially for a software plugin. I use this a lot and I feel like I hear it on a lot of tracks out there. I own and have used a lot of software synths and I find myself using this, Rob Papen Blue and Absynth the most when it comes to writing electronica. Yes, I would definitely buy this synth again.