GForce Software GForce Imposcar
GForce Software GForce Imposcar

GForce Imposcar, Sinte sustractivo virtual from GForce Software.

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AlanForPresident 04/05/2012

GForce Software GForce Imposcar : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"good vs bad sounds"

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The Gmedio Gforce has been installed on my system for a few months now. I really like the sounds that it produces. They are pretty rich and warm sounds for the most part. But there are a few sounds that I really don’t like because they sound really light, thin and plastic like. Almost like it belongs on a toy piano that you can buy at Kmart. So I choose to stay away from those sounds because I wont have a chance to make it in the music industry using sounds that aren’t high quality and fit right with the rest of the sounds and instruments that I am using in my productions.

As far as how good the Gmedia Gforce works, it runs good. I think it locked up on me one time , but that was when my computer had a pretty bad malware attack and a few programs started getting real buggy on me. But im pretty sure that If you have a stable system you wont have to worry about it going crazy on you or locking up. Also, you can pretty much use the Gmedia Gforce with almost any application that’s on the market. it’s a pretty universal software that is really stable. But as for the reason why any of us would get it is for the sounds that it produces. I feel the sounds good be better, there are some really good ones though that I like a lot. But there are more cheap sounding ones that I expected. It took away to go through the sounds because it comes with a good collection of them and it will keep you occupied for a little while. But once you get to certain ones, you will know why I don’t like some of them. But you can be the judge, most of the sounds are just not fat enough for me though.