GForce Software GForce Oddity
GForce Software GForce Oddity

GForce Oddity, Sinte sustractivo virtual from GForce Software.

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PaulyPaul 16/10/2012

GForce Software GForce Oddity : la opinión de PaulyPaul (content in English)

"From the Odyssey "

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I had no compatibility issues installing or running Gforce Oddity on my PC. It is an analog virtual synth that installs quickly and easily to your system. It does not require much disk space or CPU to run Oddity. It has a high pass filter and flying slider feature. It is basically the software version of the classic Odyssey synth. It did a great job of mimicking the Odyssey with sounds and sound creation. The Gforce Oddity allows you to change the parameters to do some really cool stuff. So if you understand how the parameters work in this VST you will have so many options to change and mold sounds the way that you want them.


It has never crashed or gave me a single issue. I have not used in my Macbook , but on my Windows XP computer it worked great. The interface is big and easy to ready and understand. All of the sliders can be color coded so you can tell them and their functions apart. I have run this VST simultaneously up to 4 times before and it didn’t crash or freeze. So I am sure you can run it more times than that at the same time and it should be fine.


It only costs 99 dollars, so you really don’t have anything to lose with purchasing this. If you love analog sounds or if you have used and heard of the Odyssey then you will love what this Oddity can do with some of the same sounds as the Odyssey. The only change that I would make to it is that I wish it had a lot of effects right on board. It would be cool if they had the original effects in full, and to also add some. But nonetheless it is a great VST and it will work with any DAW or software program that accepts VST plug ins.