Cakewalk Rapture
Cakewalk Rapture
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MadAnthony81 28/04/2014

Cakewalk Rapture : la opinión de MadAnthony81 (content in English)

"Powerful & analog. "

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It is possible to run into install problems.. You may need to open Program Data. Find it in View options on C drive.

The manual is easy to read and clear. It is extremely good manual. Very long and easy to read. It is not necessary to read the manual typically though on this synth because it is easy to learn.


Rspture works well in Version 1.22 update. The dials don't show numbers though on the filters which is bad. But it is possible to see them in midi mappable settings under the options click.

The oscillators do chain up to EFX like theyre supposed to.


Rapture is realistically analog to me and little saturation can be added without roughing it up completely. I can get it to sound like a juno or oberheim pretty easy by adding saturation to them appropriately.

Rapture has an upfront medium/hard sound great from rock, metal, rap, and especially hip-hop. It can also be used for Tiesto style trance and certain types of masculine things.

Ratpure is, medium/hard sounding. Moderately flat sound. Somehwat compressable. Very analog. Very masculine. And capable of very complex things. The most complex synth I've used. But still easy to program. The most difficult part is getting the right results out of the ADSR. Typically use an even straight line though.

The best part about Rapture is that each oscillator has its own pitch, cutoffs, resonance all with there own LFO's and an Amp too with LFO. Each oscillator has it's own EFX too.

There are a total of 6 oscilators.

I can't wait to make and manipulate it's waveoforms with an aftermarket waveform maker. NEat..@