Moog Music The Source
Moog Music The Source

The Source, Sintetizador Analógico from Moog Music.

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moosers 04/06/2009

Moog Music The Source : la opinión de moosers (content in English)

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The Moog Music Source is an analog synthesizer that was made in the early 1980s.  It has 37 keys and has both a pitch and modulation wheel.  It is a polyphonic or monophonic synth depending on what setting it is on.  It is a unique Moog synth because the parameters are in the form of buttons for the most part and I believe this is the first Moog synth that is capable of storing sounds.


Being that the Moog Music Source is a unique synth, it took me a little bit longer to figure out exactly what everything does.  The parameters are split into a number of different sections including a modulation, mixer, oscillator, filter, and a voltage controlled filter section.  Everything is laid out conveniently but since the layout is so unique when compared to other Moog synths, it isn't as easy to follow.  The manual for the Moog Music Source synth is thorough and is definitely a good thing to have around when trying to learn how to use this synth.


The sound of the Moog Music Source is pretty similar to that of Moog synths prior to this one and is capable of getting all sorts of lead and bass Moog sounds.  Having the ability to save sounds is a huge plus when it comes to using this instrument and will undoubtedly save you some time.  It has plenty of options to control your tone and I have to say that this synth is incredibly versatile and varied.  While it looks like a newer digital synth, it certainly has the sound of a vintage analog synth as it is one!


Overall, while the Moog Music Source is kind of a hybrid of classic analog sounds and the newer technology that was available at the time, at the core this synth sounds much like the Moog synths like the Rouge and the Prodigy.  These are a little harder to find than those and the price varies a great deal because of this.  If you are looking for a classic Moog synth, the Source will satisfy those needs even if it doesn't have the same look and configuration.