Roland RS-202
Roland RS-202

RS-202, Sintetizador Analógico from Roland.

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moosers 09/09/2010

Roland RS-202 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Roland RS-202 'Strings' is a vintage string synthesizer that gives you a great variety of string synth sounds. The keyboard spans five octaves and comes in a suitcase kind of casing for easier transport. The synth has 1/4" outputs for both low and high impedance, as well as a gate output. It doesn't have any pitch or modulation wheels, but it's a fully polyphonic synth and has it's own power cord built in.


The make up of the Roland RS-202 is actually pretty easy to understand. It's laid out smartly and is the exact opposite of being convoluted. From left to right, there are sliders for setting your volume and tone, followed by ten different preset sounds emulating different instruments. It then has more sliders for sustain, vibrato, and ensemble, which is like a chorus. That's pretty much all there is to the RS-202, so all users should feel pretty comfortable with it off the bat and shouldn't need a manual.


The sounds on the Roland RS-202 are pretty awesome as far as synth string sounds go. All of the sounds are really thick and full, as I would certainly say that this is more synth than string. I definitely like the bass string sounds the best on here, as they really sound huge. In general I really like the sounds heard on the RS-202, but of course there is a time and a place for them. I wouldn't recommend using this if you're trying to emulate real strings, as it isn't that type of keyboard. Rather, it's awesome for getting that in between synth/string sound.


Overall, the Roland RS-202 is a really cool synthesizer. It sounds great and is pretty much perfect at what it does. It like how easy it is to use, as I don't find that there's much of a drawback since it's still pretty versatile and flexible. The preset sounds are pretty much what you have to work with, as there aren't any in depth synthesizer parameters, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the user and how you look at it. The bottom line with the Roland RS-202 is that it's an awesome synth for getting hybrid synth string sounds...