Yamaha SK20
Yamaha SK20

SK20, Sintetizador Analógico from Yamaha.

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AlanForPresident 18/07/2012

Yamaha SK20 : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"easy to use vintage gear is great"

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The Yamaha SK20 is a classic analog synth with a lot of sounds from the late 70’s into the early and mid 80’s. The bad thing about this board is that over time they start to have some serious issues that can come about. I learned this first hand after purchasing one of them on eBay when I was looking for some vintage sounds to blend in with my current music. So I came across this board and purchased one, it only had some small scrapes and scuffs on it and that didn’t concern me at all because the board is like 30 years old so I expected it to have some scratches. But what did concern me was with the noise in some of the sliders. For some reason over time this boards have like a “short” or something of that nature to them because when moving the sliders you will hear like a fuzz sound. Now this fuzz sound wont record if you are recording into a mixer or external gear but it can be annoying when every time you slide a slider you hear a bunch of fuzzing sounding feedback.


The Yamaha SK 20 couldn’t be easier to use, there are no navigation and everything is right on the main face of the board. That is one of the best things about vintage gear, they really didn’t make it to hard to use.


The sounds are great, very vintage and warm. It was exactly what I was looking for , im glad that I got to purchase one of these.


They are online now and they are very affordable. Just try to find one in the best possible condition and hope you don’t get the fuzz sounding sliders. But if you do get one with that problem its not that big of a deal. The sound only happens when you slide, not when you play the notes. So if you can get past that you will be ok.