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skewdiver 30/08/2010

Alesis Micron : la opinión de skewdiver (content in English)

"Micron is one of the best drummachines !!"

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Good synth and vocoder, but the drums is what I am blown away by ...


At first the lack of knobs may frighten you, but once you have the shortcuts down pat you will find it ok. Pattern creation is perhaps a bit weird at first but myself coming from many years of gear that is worse I found it fine !


I have found that the real strength in this little keyboard is the percussion. Really. I am running Logic studio and apart from this little beastie I have now offloaded all other drum and percussion oriented gear. Simply put, between Logic and the Micron as two complementary pieces there is nothing lacking on the electronic music front when it comes to percussion. Try it out as a drum machine and I am sure you will agree ...


Sound doesn't "break down" as easily as Ion etc., fat kicks, tight snares and hihats, does noise as well. Great sound quality ... sorted !