Clavia Nord Lead 1
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FP User 01/11/2008

Clavia Nord Lead 1 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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This is a soundgenerator.. a _real_ synthesizer. It doesn't have any reverb and stuff like that built in.. i prefer it this way.. That makes the synthesizer less expensive which often makes you able to buy some real high quality effects. Quality against quantity. 4 voices and 4 parts... upgradeable to 12 voices. Only 2 outs.

Price paid: $300 USD


This synthesizer got an almost perfect interface... designed by musicians for musicians. It's a shame that the guys at Clavia desided to straighten out the shapes on the Nord Lead 2.. otherwise i would probably have one of thoose instead. The Nord Lead 3.. same thing.. but that one has so much more to offer.. so if find one for a good price (in my case right now it isn't worth that much to upgrade) i'll probably upgrade or get one of thoose too.


I just totally love the nord lead sound.. this thing is capable of generating some absolutely wonderful sounds in very high quality. Not perfect analog simulation... but that isn't why i have it (it's still one of the absolutely best an-sounding VA:s). You can do some really lush pads, some really aggressive basslines, totally wonderfull soundeffects and alot more. The oscillators feels a litle bit more digital than the waldorf q... but i still like the nord lead sound more.


I can lift up my modwheel a couple of mm.. so i guess i should open it up and check so it feels alright soon.. never heard any roumours of a nord lead that has acted strange except for this little modwheel thing.. which probably isn't any real prob since it been like that a couple of months and it still works perfectly (i use it almost every day)

I love my nord lead.. i've even named it (the only hitech thing i've ever called by name). I miss my nord lead when i'm not home. If i can find a good airbrush artist i will try to get another nord lead and make it unique.

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