Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Sintetizador de Modelización Analógica from Korg belonging to the microKORG model.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Korg microKORG : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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I. 8 band vocoder - nice!! ii. mini keys - which needs some getting used to iii. included (pc?!??)condenser mic - which i don't use - so i use my own mic instead iv. the usual pitch bend and mod wheels v. the sometimes useful octave shift buttons since it has only 37 keys vi. rather sturdy knobs - i've abused it quite well at gigs and jamming sessions. and trust me, i go crazy. vii. ac or battery powered - what a blippin excellent idea??! i've been to gigs where power connectivity issues come up only to be saved by the fact that it can run on batteries. a fresh set of alkaline batts can definitely go for a full hour and a half - havent tried going for longer. viii. the size - you either love it or loathe it. i play other instruments live as well, so setting up another 25kg gear isnt really preffered when you dont have a roadie-guy who carries and takes care of your stuff when you're drunk after (and before??!) gigs.

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No obvious issues here. once you get a hold of how everything works/tweaks from the manual or trial&error if you're that type, then you'll realise that this baby is a breeze to use.

i've had it for 6 months now, the usual avex thumpings and tweakings have been applied, been on and off many car boots and stage floors, loads of gig masking tapes have grazed on and off it and it still feels and look as new. everything you'd expect from a korg, pretty much.


Sound quality is excellent considering it is the micro (no pun intended) version of the ms2000b. the sound presets are even 'categorised' in genres - ignore the korg marketing effort here, but nonetheless it has almost everything you could tweak from that 'korg' sound. if you're lucky you could even find presets from the ms2000b online somewhere, all pretty, nice and ready to be dumped into the microKorg.


Definitely love at first sight, this one. saw somebody demo'd it at the local, and had it ever since. to me, its the kinda gear that rarely gets useless in your studio or live - not so much a necessity but rather a rockin extension to your other gears and sounds.

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Posted by: avex ( 7-, 2004)