Korg MS2000B
Korg MS2000B

MS2000B, Sintetizador de Modelización Analógica from Korg in the MS series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Korg MS2000B : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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For the MS2K's intended purpose of being a Virtual Analog Modeling Synthasizer, it boasts virtually anything you would want in a VA Synth. My reason for not giving it a 10 are because of the limited 4-polyphony and the quality of the keys.


The MS2K is very simple to use. The abundance of 30+ knobs gives you total control over your sounds. A larger display and less sub-menus would have been welcomed.

The Korg MS2000 is a very frail machine. The keys are very cheap and light. The knobs are fine for the fast twists I often like to do... but the mechanism underneath the knobs (internally) could have been stronger. The real wooden panels on the side werre a nice touch and rest assured, this will be a coveted vintage synth someday.


Absolutely amazing. A monkey might get on this thing and crank out better sounds than your first try. The sounds are rich and phat. Almost too easy to impress someone with the results. The built-in vocoder is one of the best I've heard, the bass is extraordinary, and the effects are sick!


I intially bought the MS2K for flash web development (sound fx, vocoded mouseovers and fx, beats) but I found myself making some pretty cool music with it. In fact, it inspired me to buy a second keyboard, a Yamaha Motif.

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Posted by: Unknown ( 6-, 2002)