Roland GAIA SH-01
Roland GAIA SH-01
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mrjason 31/10/2012

Roland GAIA SH-01 : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"warm and fat"

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The Roland Gaia SH-01 gives you a really good sound and at a great price. You can do some really neat things with the effects on the Gaia SH-01 because it allows you to stack them up. Some of the effects on the Gaia SH-01 are bit crash, phaser, pitch shifter, low boost, delay, distortion and reverb. You can add these effects and tweak them all in real time. The Gaia SH-01 is a very portable keyboard, it is very light and rugged. It can even be powered by batteries if you want to use it on the go and you don’t have a wall outlet available.


The Gaia SH-01 has everything you need right on the interface of the keyboard, there are not menu’s to have to shift through or items to have to find. Everything you need you can see right from the main interface. It has no LCD display screen and nothing to navigate through. It is almost like an old school type of unit because everything is knobs and sliders.


If you are in search of a warm and fat analog sound then here it is, the Gaia SH-01 has a rich tone and fat sound and just imagine what it will sound like when you stack those effects up with that fat analog sound! The sound design and creation abilities on the Gaia SH-01 are truly limitless. I have been using the Gaia SH-01 for about 2 years now and it works just like it did the first day that I got it in the summer of 2010.


The baselines that I am getting from the Gaia SH-01 are probably my favorite sounds. I am getting bass that I never had on any other keyboard or VST. Besides the fact that you will get some great sounds, it is also a lot of fun to play the Gaia SH-01. Just look at the interface, all those knobs to mess with make everything a breeze and a lot of fun.