Korg M1
Korg M1

M1, Sintetizador Digital from Korg in the M1 series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Korg M1 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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The M1 is twenty years old now, and has a basic 16 channel midi implementation only, as well as pitch bend and modulation.It does have four outputs which isn't bad for an old synth and a card slot for extra sounds. The on board effects are probably it's best feature and the keyboard is also very nice to play if you can find one in good condition. I must say I've never really got into the sequencer on this thing as it's not easy to master and the lack of the beloved knobs and sliders is a shame, though the M1 was designed during a period of change in which digital synths took over the world.

price paid: 300.00 GBP


As mentioned the sequencer is pretty horrible, but the basic navigation and sound editing is a breeze. The only thing I would change is the sequencer with one that was a little more user friendly.


Well as you know this by todays standardsth M1 is an old school beast, but it still sounds great. It has been previously argued that korg rely heavily on effects for their sounds. This is true to an extent with the M1 but the effects are really pretty cool, and the overall combination of sample and effect is a good one. By modern standards your not going to be blown away by the presets, though the classic piano still sounds great and the organ still pops up on house and garage records from far and wide, plus in combi mode you can make some pretty monstrous sounds if your willing to persevere a little. For me the reason I have stuck with this synth and would buy another one if it died on me, is that it is so easy to make new sounds with very little effort. I understand that hip hop heavy weights The Neptunes use an old 0/1W as one of the main stays of their set up and I read that they make subtle changes to the presets to make new sounds. They do this by trying different internal effects or taking a standard patch like a piano and scrolling through the different wav forms and samples with the same synth parameters applied. This is what I have done for years with my M1, reason being that I always get results. I have some sounds on my M1 that you would never believe it could produce and the fact is, they were very easy to achieve. In terms of out and out sound 'quality' it's not capable of the lofty realms of sonic perfection you get with modern soft synths but to me that's no bad thing. The analogue outputs take the edge of it and it still sounds top notch, and can hold it's own in a professional environment with ease.


I have to say this thing is very well made, there are loads of them still around in full working order, mine has been gigged all over the UK, it's been dropped a couple of times and is still in good shape. I've never had it repaired though the internal battery died after about 19 years It cost me about £1.00 for a new one which was a bit of a git to fit, but after a bit of swearing and violence it went in fine.

Oh I love this thing, I just love it, maybe because it's now very familiar to me like an old jumper or pair of slippers, or maybe because it is just such a beast of machine. I love the way it plays, it's so easy to edit the sounds, it still looks pretty cool to me and it's solid as a rock and the effects are superb. Long live the Korg M1.

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Posted by: breakbeat-cafe (January 0-, 2005)