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FP User 01/11/2008

Korg N1 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Alot of bells and whistles as im pretty sure that the architecture was used in the design of the Triton rack, well the original one anyway. However i could use a floppy drive or maybe even a small sampling package. But this is probably what korg was going for.

price paid: $160 USD


Not easy at all. i wanted to chuck this damn thing out the window of my second floor apt complex, BUT....once i got it and im still learning i settled down and made some music. but the learning curve is NOT for the faint at heart


The sound quality is good, i dont think its the motif es rack by any means but impressive none the less. The reverbs sound great but a little overkilled at times. I havent had a chance to sift through ALL the sounds but the ones ive heard definitely peaked my intrest and for less than 200 bucks you can go wrong.


This is a tank, well almost, as when i bought it i lost a knob on the way home from where i bought it but i just doesnt have enough externally to get broken.

i havent had it long enough to say that i have love for it, but it is my first rack, so im a little taken by it

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