Roland JUNO-DI
Roland JUNO-DI

JUNO-DI, Sintetizador Digital from Roland in the Juno series.

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mrjason 31/10/2012

Roland JUNO-DI : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"Portable with great sounds"

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The Roland Juno-Di is a synthesizer keyboard that is easy to work with and understand. It is very user friendly and comes loaded with over a thousand high quality presets or sounds that you can use right away without having to add a bunch of effects or EQ to them. The Juno-Di does not have a sound on it that I didn’t like.


The Roland Juno-Di is a portable keyboard as well, it looks bigger than it actually is and it is pretty light. So if you want to use it for live shows, you can easily put it in a bag or a keyboard case and take it with you.


Some of my favorite sounds on the Juno-Di are the guitars, grand and electric pianos, strings, and brass. Some of the percussion on the Juno-Di is pretty good, but I prefer to use my own percussion kits and drums. You can also use the Juno-Di without plugging it into the wall. It does run off a battery, and they battery life will give you a few hours of straight continuous use without having to charge or plug it in the wall.


The Juno-Di does come with a manual but I didn’t not need to look at it at all because everything is easy to understand just by looking at the front of the keyboard. You can even connect your iPod or MP3 player to the Juno-Di via the external input. You can also plug in a microphone to use with the Juno-Di, you can then run your voice through the built in vocoder on the Juno-Di and do some really cool stuff to your voice for live performances or even studio and recording use. The Juno-Di is not only affordable, but it feels and sounds great. This is the most portable Juno keyboard that I have used.