Yamaha CS1X
Yamaha CS1X

CS1X, Sintetizador Digital from Yamaha in the CS series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Yamaha CS1X : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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My big dissapointment is that to use the good performance sounds, you have to be in performance mode, and that mode is monotimbral. Other wise you can use up to 4 XG sounds at once in multi mode. Very annoying. There are basic filters on this that are pretty limiting. Definitely "first synth" territory.

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The menu is pretty complicated for such an entry level synth. And no thats not a good thing. There is one knob and 10 arrow buttons to press to navigate the huge menu. A lot of the things are not self explanitory and half of the stuff you will never use.

3 knobs fell off on mine (they are cheap plastic knobs), and now I turn them with their metal bars instead. However, it still works after 8 years in all respects.


Ok basically this is one part ROMpler and one part GM/XG machine. As far as the ROM sounds go, they are exemplar of the mid nineties dance/trance scene. A few pads, lots of leads and basses. Drums are OK. The GM sounds are good, but they are GM. Considering the low cost of the cs1x the sound set is pretty good. I'm sure you can find much better for more money but considering that this is a 8 year old machine that shouldnt be a challenge.


Ok now here is where the 10 comes. You're probably asking urself; ok why does he still have this synth? Here is the reason: it is a PERFECT midi controller. Ok maybe not perfect, but very good. Why? You can definetly get this on ebay for less than 100$. It has a solid 66 synthaction key board. It has 6 good assignable knobs. Simple to use. Nuff said. This has been my sole controller since I got into MIDI and it has never let me down. Moreover, it is a good keyboard to try out ideas on...it has all the major dance sounds you need as a trance/dance producer to use as a "scratchpad". Then, when you are ready to control your VSTs you just press a button and there you are. And I'll admit it, I just have a love for this thing as my first keyboard...yeah I said it!

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Posted by: I_watch_stars ( 7-, 2005)