Yamaha CS2X
Yamaha CS2X

CS2X, Sintetizador Digital from Yamaha in the CS series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Yamaha CS2X : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Playing a sound on a intrument without being able to change the sound is good if you like the sound and this keyboard can apply more reverb and effects to its sounds if you are uncomfortable with their sound so it is very good and no thing is needed extra because it already offers very clear and good quality once you use the layers and panel edit features along with reverb and other effects.

Price paid

399.99 USD


There is no difficulty to program the intrument for me. some of the words meanings where a mystery to me at first.Example :AEG. but once I read the manual ( and It explained everything) I learned it means, Aplitude,envelope generator. The keyboard is so easy to program, I recorded the information on all the sounds I created on paper. I recorded every thing ,even the order in which I pressed buttons. Example: First step, Second step. And I think it actually changes the sound if you use a certain order. I program the keyboard using the panel edit features going left to right from the bottom up many times. Everything must be recorded or a very good sound might be lost forever and I guess will need to be replaced. But you can save all of your settings to two banks on each sound .Example: U I,UII. :User 1 ,User 2. There is nothing wrong with the keyboard interface for as much as I can see it IS good.

It is very sturdy. Only the knobs can come off if I am not carefull but that is a miner problem and it is easy to be carefull of damaging th keyboard. The intrument has goog keys that dont stop working and is made to last as I never had to have it repaired.


The sound quality can be very clear and sounds good from even far away! Once I program the sounds and add the right effects and settings they can be made to sound clear and even like other intruments. Example: I put togethere a sound that sounds like strings and it is very clear. When I didnt realize about programing the sounds correctly I thought the keyboards quality was lacking but once I learned to use the edit features and effects and layers right I had made over 7 to 8 or 9 very good sounds that can be used in any music I suppose. I think as time goes on It may be possible to create more new sounds! The keyboard is well worth its price because you can create very clear and good sounds on it. The sounds I created are not weak and they sound clear FAR away as I tested them. It has professional quality after all. It is a very Good instrument!


I cannot love a intrument only God ,Jesus ,family and people. I like the intrument very much and am thankfull to the most high that my good mother let me buy it. It has professional quality once you program the sounds correctly and I am very content with it. I'm glad to inform you that you can find a good used keyboard for only 399.99 that has professional quality and dont need to pay 700 or 1000 dollars. Try your local music shop and find one if you dont already have one.(All people have their own favorite instrument.)

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Michael Litchmore (January 1-, 2005)