Yamaha S90
Yamaha S90
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ericthegreat 26/09/2011

Yamaha S90 : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"great board"

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I bought my first synth in about 1990 and have owned at least a dozen since. I also played piano for ten years before that. I've had this unit for about 5 days. It is really nice. I just recently sold a Fantom Xa, XP-30, Korg X-50, and a Yamaha AN1x. Now I have only this board and I can pretty much get any sounds I had before out of just this one board. It is a great sounding synth but the pianos are the best I have ever played in hardware. In fact, I own software pianos that aren't as nice or versatile as this board. They sound great and there are several of different styles. None of them are bad and the good ones are pretty much great. I love the pitch modulation.


You can edit quite a few things without but I like to be able to fully dig in when I want to. For two, as great as the arpeggiators are and all of the 6000+ patterns, they are not programmable...... at all. Not from the board and not in the editor. There is one song, "Hella Good" by No Doubt, where I need a really standard little step sequence of 3 notes and a rest. Nope, cant do it. This is the only thing that I am having a hard time dealing with. Otherwise, I am totally satisfied with the tone and my ability to make about any sound I would ever want. manual is easy to understand as well.


I have been in a cover band for the past three years that plays a lot of 80 pop and I am also a huge Van Halen fan of the synth-era stuff. I immediately prgrammed sounds for Love Walks in, 1984, Jump, Subdivisions, Tom Sawyer, etc. No real problems getting all the tones I want and I am a tone snob when it comes to programming. THese versions I have made have lots of sweet punch and sizzle. Love it! sounds are very realistic.


Bottom line, I love it. I dont think I've ever had my fingers feel so connected to the sounds that they are triggering. The action is sort of buttery smooth. Love it love it love it!!!