Apple Mac OS X Tiger
Apple Mac OS X Tiger

Mac OS X Tiger, Sistema Operativo from Apple in the Mac OS series.

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spiritfingers 04/02/2009

Apple Mac OS X Tiger : la opinión de spiritfingers (content in English)


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I upgraded from Leopard to Tiger without and installation problems. No compatibility issues, and started up running from the beginning and still has not crashed. The general configuration is very simple, this is why I bought the upgrade from Leopard to Tiger because of the new user interface. The manual is clear and sufficient providing an overview for all the new features available on Tiger for the Mac.


I am running Tiger on a G4 17" Powerbook with an Intel processor. The software works correctly with this configuration and has never faulted me by crashing loosing memory once. I am getting excellent performance with minimal unexpected application failures and fast processing speed to keep applications running smoothly. This is stable software, it is not the newest software Apple has, but it is trustworthy and has not crashed on my once which I am forever thankful for. Tiger is a reliable running system.


I have been using Tiger for 4 years now, and haven't once though about updating to the newer versions of Mac platforms. What I like the most is all the applications Tiger comes with like iTunes, iMovie, and Garageband which make creating multimedia simple. I use the applications daily in my life and feel like the help me accomplish life goals. What I dislike about the running system Tiger is nothing. I have all of the tools to be helpful and whenever a problem comes about, the online help or manual have always solved the situation. I was running Leopard before Tiger and upgraded to Tiger when I saw the ease of the new running system. I bought the software for 100 US dollars at a licensed Apple store with a student University discount. I love Tiger and Mac computers and don't see myself updating to their newer running software.