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chrislieck 25/09/2012

Audio-Technica AT835b : la opinión de chrislieck (content in English)

"Good Video Mic "

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These microphones are great for Video work, but not for videos that you need clarity on the vocal without any room noise. Remember you can use shoot gun kinds of microphones for kick drum and snare drums. We have done this for years at my online recording school, however I don't think you would use this for close or clear micing for a video. I would use a lavalier mic. I like lav mics for the real clear video audio. I used this mic for a recent movie and it was a bit low endy and harsh on inside scenes and a bit more noisy on outside scenes in this movie. If you are looking for a great video mic I would go with a more recognized professional mic. If you are looking for decent mic that would suffice for some inside scenes and some basic background sounds, then this mic would work just fine. I used it daily for a while but not for voice during a scene. There is a bump at about 50hz that is noticeable. I also hear a bit of noise.


Of the video mics I will review I think this would be in the top 50 percent. I like the clear sound for background video sound. If you are using it for voice in video look into some real expensive microphones that are specifically used for voice work. I would not think this would work great for any voice over or tracking voice in a scene for video.

Other uses for a mic like this is for kick drum or a secondary snare mic. It has a narrow diaphragm and does not pick up any noise on the sides of the mic. That would be helpful in a hi-hat bleed drum set up. I use to use these on kick drums but now I find it to be too thin. I would rather use a better shotgun for kick or snare that is not so muddy on the low end.