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soccerplayer25 26/03/2008

RODE NT4 : la opinión de soccerplayer25 (content in English)


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The Rode NT4 is a set of condenser stereo microphones, set in an XY pattern. It has an on/off switch, useful when you don't want to waste the battery on it (which is probably always).


I've used this mic extensively in a local studio. I have used it for acoustic guitars, room mics, as drum overheads and with a number of other acoustic instruments. Its got a clear sound and I love that it is fixed in the XY pattern - this saves set up time if I am looking to capture something with an XY stereo pair. I haven't used any other stereo microphones like this one, but for the price, it seems to be the best in its range. It really sparkles on the top end and the price, like most Rode mics, is pretty reasonable. I have had a bit of trouble with keeping it healthy, as it has been broken a few times. I believe this has more to do with the cable it comes with though. I also wish the mic cable that comes for it was bit longer, overall I have been very happy with the sound quality and features that the Rode NT4 offers.