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AlanForPresident 31/07/2012

Studio Projects C4 : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Recording Live"

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Studio Projects C4 will provide you with the audio quality that all your at home or personal projects will need. I have used these for years, at an at home set up in the basement of my town house with no acoustic treatment on the walls and still got an amazing sound quality. For both of these microphones I paid less than 400 dollars and used them on all of my horn instruments and some percussion instruments. I say some percussion instruments because I did not use them on drums. They didn’t prove a good sound when used with a kick or snare. The C4 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone and it has very low noise. It can also be used as a live microphone if you need it to be. I don’t recommend using it in live settings though.


The best thing that I liked is that I was able to have a pair of these microphones for under 400 dollars. I was not able to find a good pair of microphones for under 400 dollars. At least not ones that where good enough to actually use and could be used on instruments. However, the least thing about this microphone that I liked is the switch able -10db high pass filter. I don’t feel like it was as good as some of the other filters that have come on other models of Studio Projects microphones in the past. I feel like they short cut the engineering of that feature on the C4. None the less, these microphones will do the trick for all of your instrumental needs. It is perfect for horn players or woodwind players, you sound will be very natural when recorded. If you use this microphone in a live setting you could experience some noise problems from external sounds that aren’t meant to be heard. I wont use this microphone live again.