Waves X-Crackle
Waves X-Crackle
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AlanForPresident 07/06/2012

Waves X-Crackle : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"works wonders on vinyl"

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The Waves X Crackle came with a bundle that I have purchased and I really didn’t know what I was going to use it for it just seemed unusable to me at first. But there are a few things that I have used it for. The first thing was I have a ION turntable that can transfer Records right into the computer via USB chords. Now we all know what vinyl sounds like, and transferring it into your computer and making it an MP3 doesn’t make the crackle and static sounds go away, if anything the mp3 version enhances the crackles and hissing type sounds. So I decided to give this plug in a shot. Not knowing anything about it just briefly reading through the manual that came with it, I decided to use it on a vinyl that I just transferred to the computer. Almost immediately it took out most of the crackling old vinyl sound. Now I do love the old vinyl sound but when im listening to the old record in my ipod or mp3 player I don’t want to hear the crackles I just want to hear the music. The Waves X Crackle took care of all of those issues so fast it wasn’t even funny.


Installing this would have been really fast if I would have did it alone but I install a few other Waves plug ins at the same time so it took a little while. But like I said I had this for about 5 months and never used it because I didn’t feel the need to use it but now I use it a lot more often and sometimes it will go to use with some vocals that weren’t recorded clean at someones home studio when they send them to me to master. I can use this and it will take the HISS right out of the recording!


You cant go wrong with the Waves X Crackle, I don’t know why I didn’t get it when it first came out.