Fender FM 15R
Fender FM 15R

FM 15R, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Frontman series.

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FateFelledVictim 29/10/2008

Fender FM 15R : la opinión de FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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This is the amp I found used at a garage sale for only $10, so being the cheap person I am, I bought it for my girlfriend, and it sounds really good. I am personally a drummer primarily, then dabble in guitar and bass, and this amp sounds twice as good as my friends Kustom amp. Hers is 20 watts, with Input, headphone and 2 other jacks. You can get an awesome sounding overdrive/distortion out of this, and it also has built in Reverb.


This amp is set up simply, with no need for pictorials and instructions on how to work things. It is very easy to get a good sound out of, whether clean or distorted. We play in a metal band but also do some jazzy type stuff, and this amp is up to the task. When I bought it, it did not come with instructions.


I believe this is a good practice amp for any beginner or intermediate. My girlfriend uses a Ibanez RGX20 through it, and I use a Schecter Omen through it, and it sounds a lot better with the Omen, but that's to be expected. You can get a phenomenal clean sound out of this amp, but the distortions are colorful and lively as well, better than the Line 6 I have. I only hate when she feels the need to use her old Digitech Death Metal pedal on this amp, for I bought her a Boss GT-6, and she runs both through this, and it sounds like crap, other than that, I love this amps sound.


She's been using it for about a year, and we've had no problems so far. I like the clean sound with a chorus through it. I tried my Line 6 and a Kustom amp, and this is better. For $10 this was an awesome deal, and even new this would be a decent deal. I would have made the same choice in a heartbeat if I could, except next time I'll keep it for myself.