Fender Ultimate Chorus
Fender Ultimate Chorus

Ultimate Chorus, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender.

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moosers 17/01/2010

Fender Ultimate Chorus : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Fender Ultimate Chorus is an electric guitar combo amplifier with a few built in effects including chorus and reverb/delay.<span> </span>The amp has the general look of a Twin Reverb, but has a lot more parameters and sections.<span> </span>I’m not sure what size the speakers are, but I would guess that there are two 12” speakers in here.<span> </span>The amp has two ¼ inch inputs in the front where you plug your instrument into.


<p class="MsoNormal">In terms of parameters, the Ultimate Chorus has a lot to work with.<span> </span>The amp is split up into a few different sections, as there is a normal channel, a drive channel, a knob for reverb/delay, and a section for chorus/modulation.<span> </span>Both the normal and drive channels has its own EQ as well as parameters to control the volume/gain and overall tone of the channels.<span> </span>The chorus section has three parameters including for level, type, and rate.<span> </span>Beyond this there isn’t all that much to the amp, and I think that most users will find that it is an easy amp to use.


<p class="MsoNormal">For the most part, the Fender Ultimate Chorus sounds pretty good.<span> </span>I’ve used the amp for recording with a Fender Strat, as Fender on Fender is usually the way that I go.<span> </span>While it definitely doesn’t match the sound of a tube amp or any of the vintage Fender or reissue amps, it has a good clean tone which is complimented with a number of other types of sounds that are possible.<span> </span>However, the clean sound is probably the best tone that this has to offer, as the drive isn’t my favorite.<span> </span>Since this is called the Ultimate Chorus, it does have a pretty good chorus song to match, and is one that is versatile as well.<span> </span>The reverb will get the job done, but doesn’t offer up much versatility…


<p class="MsoNormal">If you’re looking for a reasonably priced Fender amp that has a few built in effects, Fender Ultimate Chorus is definitely worth looking into.<span> </span>While it isn’t my favorite Fender amp by a long shot, it is still a Fender and does have the ‘Fender’ sound.<span> </span>It is easy to use, and offers up more versatility than most Fender amps do and most amps in general.<span> </span>I’ll always recommend a vintage or tube Fender amp over an amp like this one, but if you’re most concerned with your budget, this amp is definitely one that it worth checking out…