Fender FM 212R
Fender FM 212R

FM 212R, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Frontman series.

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Audiofanzine FR 16/12/2010

Fender FM 212R : la opinión de Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Originally written by valskater on Audiofanzine FR.

Fender Frontman 2 X 12" with resistor

Good amp, very high output power (100 W), two channels (clean and drive/more drive), spring verb

Pots from left to right:

[both channels]master volume /[clean] treble, mid, bass /[overdrive] drive, volume, treble, mid, bass /[both channels] reverb


- channel select
- more drive (= overdrive channel)
- mid contour (= overdrive channel)


-Input 1
-Input 2
-Pre out (= line out)
-PWR in (= additional input for other sound sources: mp3, CD, digital piano...)

I rated it 9/10 because it is very heavy!!


Very easy to use: you'll easily find your own tone and won't need to read the manual!!


Very versatile amp!!!

The clean channel can provide a "dry" or "fat" response.

Overdrive channel:
- drive: crunch sound, very good for blues ;-)
- more drive: good for hard rock and heavy metal

I use almost only the clean channel with a Boss DS-2 stomp box. The result is quite good ^^

8/10 because of the huge output power of the amp (master volume set to two for rehearsals and three for live gigs. Too much power for me)
Overall opinion 9/10
I've been using it for over one year. It's my first "big amp".
Very good value for money.
Based on my experience, I would buy another amp to discover something different.