Roland Jazz Chorus JC-160
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-160

Jazz Chorus JC-160, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Jazz Chorus series.

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mooseherman 17/09/2010

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-160 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Fantastic amp for the straight-ahead jazz guitarist"

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This is a tube amp made by Roland, known for their keyboards and electric pianos as well as keyboard amps. This is a solid amp that can be used for jazz guitarists. There are two 1/4" inputs (Normal and Effect). The normal input is a straight ahead input, which only utilizes the volume knobs as well as the EQ. The effect input gives you the option of utilizing the chorus, reverb and distortion effects. There are 110 watts of power.


This amp is a pretty easy one to get a hold of. The chorus controls are a pretty simple, as are the distortion and reverb. For those of you interested in the distortion, keep in mind that as this is designed with the Jazz player in mind, the distortion on this amp is incredibly light, so don't expect to rock out. The EQs and other controls are also really easy to use.


This amp has an incredibly warm and smooth sound, one that is not easily replicated on the ubiquitous Fender and Marshall amps of today. A Gretsch or old Gibson Hollow-body is the best way to go on these amps, as they provide the full sound that this amp compliments so well. Even with the distortion all the way up, this amp is still really smooth. I don't really care much for chorus, but even still, the chorus effect on this amp is great, as is the reverb (which is a natural, spring reverb.)


I really like the warmth and tone of this amp, as well as the reverb. It has a unique sound that is very particular. As such, I wouldn't recommend using it if you aren't a serious jazz musician, or somebody who plays music that is similar in style. Rock players, even most blues players, would be better off with something else. However, for those of us who want the nice, Wes Montgomery-style sound, this is a phenomenal choice.