Squier SP-10
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Heavyspender 23/04/2008

Squier SP-10 : la opinión de Heavyspender (content in English)


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This is a solid state practice amp that puts out 10 watts. There are inputs for input and headphone. The amp has knobs for treble and bass. It also has a button to engage gain or drive. A volume knob controls the amp in both the clean and gain settings.


Being a simple practice amp, the general configuration is straightforward and self-explanatory. The controls are responsive for a practice amp and you can easily get a decent sound being a practice amp. This was bought new, but it did not come with a manual.


Because the power is not adequate and the speaker is not that big, it is hard to get a variety of useful tones out of this unit. I didn't even bother putting pedals through this amp, it probably couldn't handle it. (Oh, I did go through my DOD YJM 368 before plugging into this amp, and the feedback/noise was ridiculous!) I used to use the Squire Stratocaster that came with this amp in a package. I also used my current Ibanez rg-120 through it, and they both sounded decent. (Once again, remember that this is a practice amp.) ONce again, because it's only 10 watts with a tiny speaker, the clean sound is only passable. (Hard to say that about a Fender, but it's not fair to expect it out of this unit.) The distortion is actually pretty decent, especially at lower volumes. The only problem with that is you definitely can't jam with this amp, especially with a monster drummer


I used this amp for a couple years before I sold it recently. I really didn't need it anymore. ONce again, because it's a practice amp, you can't complain about the tone coming out of this little guy. The reason I had to sell it is because it just didn't have enough power to keep up at rehearsal. This came in a package with an electric guitar, so I dind't have to try any other models before getting this one. Seeing as it came with the package, I can't complain about the value, especially since it served its purpose. The guitar served its purpose as well, so I can't complain about the choice I made to get this amp.