Traynor TRM-30
Traynor TRM-30
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moosers 05/07/2010

Traynor TRM-30 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Traynor TRM-30 is a small, 30 watt guitar combo amplifier. It's definitely best suited for practicing, but in theory could also be used for low level recording or live shows in a smaller settings. I'd really only recommend it for practicing, however. It's got 1/4" connections for input, line, headphones, and for a footswitch, and it also has an effects loop in the back. The speaker inside of it is 10 inches. It's got two channels, as well as built in spring reverb.


The make up of the Traynor TRM-30 isn't difficult to understand. If you are familiar and aware of the setting controls generally associated with guitar amplifiers, you'll feel at ease here as there isn't anything out of the ordinary to work with. Each of the two channels has parameters for gain and volume, in addition to a four band equalizer with parameters for high, mid, low, and presence controls. The spring reverb also has it's own knob for setting the amount of reverb you'd like. I haven't seen the manual for the TRM-30.


For me, the Traynor TRM-30 doesn't have a very impressive sound. While it's fine for practicing at home if you're just getting started, I don't think that I'd recommend it for other applications. The sound isn't very vibrant, although there's a good amount of control here between the two channels, the EQ, and the reverb. That's the good news, but the bad news is that the tone quality really isn't all that great. The reverb is probably the best sounding part of the amp, as it's pretty lush sounding. This amp was made in China, which isn't true of Traynor's vintage amps, which is probably the reason for the decline in quality...


They no longer make the Traynor TRM-30, which isn't too big of a surprise to me. There are plenty of high quality amps out there for this size and/or price, but this unfortunately isn't one of them. Traynor's older amplifiers are in another world than this one. Even if you're looking for a cheap practice guitar amp, you can definitely get more bang for your buck elsewhere.