Hercules Stands GS432B

GS432B, Soporte para Guitarra & Bajo from Hercules Stands.

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rockerdad 24/03/2011

Hercules Stands GS432B : la opinión de rockerdad (content in English)

"3 guitars have a home"

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I've been using this Hercules Tri stand in my live setup for over 2 years now. I keep a strat, epi les paul and a double neck ovation acoustic on it for all shows. I had to have the first one I bought replaced because of a faulty connection but luckily I knew someone who worked for the company at the time so that wasn't a big deal. I had one sent out to me quickly. Other than having to tighten the nut screw at the headstock part of the stand (the part that holds all 3 guitars at the top), this stand has been a very good investment. It folds up at the top, the middle bar slides down and the leg base detracts, making it easy to pick up and transport and also saves a ton of space when packing your gear. It is a VERY solid stand, made out of what seems to be a certain type of metal.
The guitars are held securely as there is a "lock" that folds up when the guitar's weight pulls down on the headstock of the stand. You don't need to keep 3 guitars on it for it to feel stable. 1 guitar works as well as 2. I've even picked the stand up by the middle metal bar with 3 guitars on it to move and it held up just fine, although I would rather not do this...but I always do...just makes things easier.
If it broke or was stolen/lost, I would definitely buy another as it is the type of stand that I need for my band. There are other types that sit flat on the ground that are good too, but for my application, this stand is the way to go. The flat on the floor stands always give me trouble if I need to keep a guitar or two plugged in for live purposes as the cable will hit the ground and eventually will cause damage to the guitar's input jack.